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Which battery should I use for an brushless motor

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What about that motor should I use that 1? 

Or what can you suggest?


Be careful when charging it - it doesn't seem to have balance leads - none of them do. So ideally charge it outside.

If that weight is too much, or it's too expensive, or physically too large,  then this one would do - but it won't last as long between charges:




With LiPo's you *MUST* be very careful discharging them. I would very strongly reccomend you buy one of these:



or build your own. On a personal note, I wouldn't let a 11.1v LiPo set get below about 10.2v without starting to worry. 

If the barries discharge too much - and if your lucky - you will ruin them, and they'll never charge again. If your unluckly, they will buckle ( physically blow out of shape ) and then when you charge them they can burn rather spectacularly.




okay, thanks.

Whats that 20C discharge thing with the battery.

Does the mAH value of battery matterin this context?

Along with that motor I wana drive 4 servos.

The 20C is a peak discharge rate. 20C is generally pretty high - in fact many packs can't actually deliver 20C and it's marketing lies.



Makes me wonder about those 30C packs I've seen....

I believe the C rating is used to calculate the mAH rating. Anyone please correct me on that.

The mAH is how many milli amps it can supply for 1 hour assuming it runs flat at the end of that hour. If you use half the mA then stated then the battery will last 2 hours. Higher values mean your battery will last longer. It also means the battery is more expensive and will take longer to charge but charging doesnt really matter as much.

For a plane (which your still way ahead of yourself, build a start here clone first with arduino) a good high mAH is needed or you will just be falling out of the sky straight away.

If you absolutely insist on getting this motor right now without the experience required then why not use it to make a small car with a fan pushing it and code it much like the start here robot

For how much time will any 11.1 v 1000mAH 20C battery keep my brushless motor runnin?


http://www.nex-robotics.com/products/quadrotor/25a-bldc-motor-driver.html   with this motor controller you can run the arduino and servos at 5 volts from a set of extra outputs. This will let you use the same battery for the motor, arduino and servos.

As for how long will the propeller run, the current draw isnt stated on the spec sheet so it will be trial and error


Okay lets stop thinking about the aircraft....

So what according to you should I do?

Probably I am gonna order my xbee's another arduino(stamp) and couple of servo's there are 2 suppliers who are gonna supply my these things.. but my problem is I cant just order 1 thing at a time... If I have to order any thing I need to order all my electronic at a time.. the shipping costs are quiet high for nex (the one from whom I intend to buy my motor)...

So whatever I will order has to be intended for the aircraft....Its fine If I am able to do some more things with the same components ...

SO tell me precise things like,

Will this motor work?

What battery from the above given link should I choose?

Will this prop motor along with say 3-4 servos will be driven by the battry alone? And for the same reason which battery should I choose?

another supplier is www.rhydolabs.com





A matched motor driver for that motor said it can use a 2-4 cell battery, so 7.4V to 14.8V battery.