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PIC RoboBoard1

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The PIC RoboBoard1 is a general controller board that is based on general PIC controllers. It was originally designed with 16F887 but can be used with other (40 pin) PIC controllers that are pin compatible with it. This board was designed to control small robot platforms. It has a special connectors for input sensors (analog and digital) , Servo motors (with separated servo supply pins) and DC motors. The board has the following features: • Have built in +5V regulator. • Reset Switch. • Red Power ON LED. • All controller pins are connected to female and male pins to make connections flexible and easy with sensors or breadboard. • 8 pins are dedicated for servo motors. The +ve supply of these pins is jumper selected to either the +5V or Vin for large servos. • The board has 2 H-bridges with 0.1 ohm resister for current monitoring of each bridge. • Can be used with bootloaders when using the USB-to-TTL converter.

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Where sold?

I will send you one. but you must solder it.

thank you