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Wheels Wheels Wheels

Hi There!

I've had these wheels packaged nicely for a few years and am currently in possesion of a few hundred.
I was my hope to make a custom hub for these before placing them in a bot. 

Selling sets of 2 for $5 and sets of 4 for $8. 

Robot Wheels!



Robot Wheels!

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have you sold any of these yet or are they all still available for purchase







All the tires are squishy. :)

Outside:  2-3/8"
Inside: 1-1/4"
Bore: 0.110" 

Shipping will be $4.

Thanks ignoblegnome for the suggestion. 
I will share some additional pictures of the unique bore hole style tomorrow for mounting ideas.



Also, you may should probably post them as 'Components'. They appear to be for different wheels, so you should post each type and how people would order them.

It would be nice if you would tell us some dimentions, the kind of rubber, (or plastic) the tires are made of, (hard, soft, squishy, etc), and what the shipping would run to the US.