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Robot Programming for Linux?

I am looking to build my first robot with a brain and am looking for a programming solution that will work in Linux. In running Ubuntu 11.04. I have made the complete switch from Windows in hopes of breaking the Microsoft bonds.

Could someone point me in the right direction?


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but, rather than say look here, here and here. I will just say check out the links this search gives. I know HackADay has run some articles on programming avr chips in linux. As for PICs, I will still say try JALv2. :) It has similar syntax to BASIC and there are a number of libraries to work with different hardware. Microchip now has access to a C compiler for their PIC line, but, I don't know much about the libraries that may or may not be available.

I've been using linux for programming my AVR microcontrollers for over a year now.  It works well.  you can write your program in any generic text editor. AVR-gcc will compile your code and avrdude will program your microcontroller.  avrdude supports many of the programmers avaiable. 

What do you use for a syntax checker? Or is it built in to AVR-GCC? I'm very new to the ATTiny group, just getting everything set and making a programmer, so I'm not sure how everything works quite yet. I'm very dependent on syntax checkers, especially when programming in more "complicated" languages like C. By complicated I mean more complicated than the Picaxe BASIC ;). I even need a "syntax checker" to help me out with my spelling!

AVR-GCC will check your syntax and tell you what line the error(s) are on.  It isn't the best at telling you exactly what is wrong. I think you should be able to use a standard C syntax checker for most of your code. 

The programmer I use is https://www.adafruit.com/products/46&zenid=6a15fd7d75d55c7a3ad2aa5a7e1f0c9d

Ok, thanks! Very helpful indeed! I'm thinking of making a DASA programmer for now, but if I find I like the AVR line of chips, I might invest in a USBTinyISP or an AVRISP MKII. Thanks again!

I would like to make the LMR Start Here Robot but have never been crazy about the Picaxe or PIC systems in general. Many years ago I was introduced to PIC and it seemed so overwhelming so I gave up on it instantly. I have an AVR Programmer already and am leaning that way but not 100% sure if it will cross over. I'm a newborn in terms of Robot Newbieness so I'm just gathering info right now.

On the other side of it all, as I mentioned before, I just resently switched 100% to Ubuntu Linux so thats why I'm looking for something that will work with Linux. I have yet to try AVR Studio in Linux but am going to try this coming week on my days off from work.

MyRoboLab - here
Arduino's IDE is fully compatible with Linux flavors
Propeller Props also have a (somewhat limited) IDE available in LInux

All depends on what you want to do and how big your robot's brain is..... 

Robot Operating System (ROS) likes running on Ubuntu, you can check out an LMR thread on it here.  I haven't used it yet so I can't comment on it.