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Your most lethal component in your work room

So today I recieved my huge capacitor, 10,000UF @ 450VDC, this thing is freaking huge. I mean it's like I'm overcompensating for something... Anyways, what is the most dangerous component you own? This is probably it, as it has enough power to remove limbs. Heres a picture too.

IMAG0147.jpg1.96 MB

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That's sound advice, and absolutely true. 

Working with a thin piece on the table saw as I was, I drifted into line with the blade. I was at least smart enough to use a push stick. ; j

Anyway, it was a lesson I won't forget!

I know that. In my case, I was not behind it. I was beside it, but it still caught the piece and threw it at me. It happened so fast I am not sure what occurred, bounced off the fence/guide-bar, I guess. I was pushing it through the saw with another piece, which got ripped out of my hands and flew the other direction. When things started flying, it was so quick, I am not sure what happened.



I had almost the exact same thing happen. It hit me in the stomach rather than the chest.

Ahh he is a chip off the old block. Everything must be connected, everything must be hooked up and everything must have extra lights and be turned on. Sniff....so alike, and also so dangerous. I once came down to my basement workshop, and he had inserted about 20 LEDs into the power rails of my breadboard and was then asking how to power it up. Another time, I had stripped down an old RC car to get a picaxe brain, I found him cutting all the motor wires, telling me he was fixing it. :-) funny now, not then. By the way..how unreal is it that the capacitor doesn't have a warning on it.

Actually I would put my hotglue gun in the first place. besides the soldering iron it caused to most injuries by dripping hotglue to my fingers.

dude that does NOT count as an injury, thats a minor discomfort. :P

i have those like every other week or so...

Haha i knew that somebody will call this ridiculous ;-)and you are right, but this is right now my most dangerous tool since I got the burn already 3 times in the last 2 weeks (yeah, there is not enough pain to learn from)


Definitely dangerous!

I had my gun jam. When I cleared it, a large amount shot out and landed on the back of my hand. I instantly tried to wipe it off which suceeded in removing a large patch of skin from the back of my hand.

I ended up with at least a 2nd degree burn. You can still see a mark on the back of my hand 6 months later. Hot glue can give very sever burns because the glue sticks to your skin and retains the heat.

Agree, this was just a small blob and by removing it instantly the skin was pulled off...

so what? a glue gun only puts out a small ammount of glue, never enuff to actually
cause permanent damage beyond a patch of discolored skin.

unless you guys are glueing in the nude, i would not count that as 'dangerous'.