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Your most lethal component in your work room

So today I recieved my huge capacitor, 10,000UF @ 450VDC, this thing is freaking huge. I mean it's like I'm overcompensating for something... Anyways, what is the most dangerous component you own? This is probably it, as it has enough power to remove limbs. Heres a picture too.

IMAG0147.jpg1.96 MB

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Nope, the little wire bits hiding in the carpet!

So if you stop responding to this post we will know you have fried your fingers and can't type anymore.

The most dangerous component I have right now is 10mW green laser. It won't blow a limb off but it can blind you in an instant.


a cheap multimeter with an unfused 10amp range.
theres a label that says: "unfused MAX 10 sec EACH 15 min" :P


Me !!  ;)

Oh my god! What are you using this for?