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Flying sphere

The japanese have done it again. This time it's a flying sphere. I want one!

Check it out:


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Me too! That is neat!

This seems like something that wouldn't be all too hard to do really (not by me, I'm a n00b, but having been reading this site the last few days I know some of you could do it). Seems like you could either use a coax system for it, or use a gyro/accelerometer to deflect the fins underneath in a manner that would counteract the spinning of the body to keep it controllable. 

... put a shere skeleton around this :)

Interesting... But with the available parts and technology I would like to see a replica of Henri Coanda's Lenticular Aerodine, patented in 1938. Hmm, with the strong magnets available today, I guess even Jean-Pierre Petit MHD Aerodyne can be built. Man, I wish I had time and funds to do that...