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Micro gearbox motors,sensors,LCDs

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How should an LMR member seeking a discount identify themselves when ordering?

Some other stores that offer us discounts are using the code "ALABTU", which is short for our community motto, "All LMR are belong to us". You don't have to use that, of course, but you should provide some direction on how to go about getting the discount.

Yes, it would help us to know the prices of some of these items.

I cannot find any pricing information on your page, and if I select 'Order Online' or 'Order Now' there is just a form to fill out for an inquiry. I guess that is normal for wholesale, but it is very nice to have price estimates while shopping for the hobbyist shopper.

Yes, you're right, we are a supplier for wholesale, but now trying to accumulate some retailing experience before we launching our online store, thanks for your comments, it helps.

Before DAGU got some distribution deals in place, they set up a page with pricing for LMR members. Something like that might be an option for you.