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Navigates around via ultrasound

This is a very simple robot which only has two wheels made of old CDs. Its brain is a motoruino and uses a sonar to detect and avoid the obstacles. On the video you can watch him navigating around, using the battery wire as a support to keep the balance.



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I'm not sure how good your traction is with such a small contact surface. Have you tried splitting a lenth of rubber tubing and putting it around the disc?

It works well like that, the speed and the weight of the battery compensates the leak of contact.

I think that if I did that I would have to reduce even more the speed of the motors by PWM. At full speed it would fly :D

Nice looking! I always wanted to build a CD bot :) Maybe one day...

Is there anyway to make the CD-BOT using the official arduino uno board??


All you need is to get some motor driver to control the two motors.