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DSO Nano SD card issues

getting kind of pissed off at the rediculous lack of info on this, even on the seedstudio forums :S
and evne google was frustratingly unhelpful/

anybody know how to get an SD card to work with the DSO nano (first model, version 1.6 with latest benf firmware)
on windows 7?

only usefull info i could find was 'make sure you have the STM32 driver installed'.
anybody know what this is, how to check for it, and if not, where do i get it?

oh and while were at it, how does recharging work?
does it need to be on or off, or will it work either way?

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oh yeah for future reference: that SMT32 driver is apparently part of the drivers you need to install
to get the pc to recognise the DSO.
they are included in the 'DfuSe' software you need to update the firmware in a folder called 'driver'.

lol unfortunately i don't.
the card did come with an adapter to regular SD but my camera takes CF and XD.

but that explains it then, thxz :)

I believe the STM32 driver is related to the ARM processor that is onboard and is likely a driver for usb communication. I would think that Windows 7 would recognize something is plugged in and offer to look for drivers for it when you do plug it in.

well it does that, and in the device manager it does list the nano by name
and tells me everything is working.

and it does show up as a storage device, only when i approach it it tells me
there is no media in the device.

anyways i take it this STM32 does not show up as a divice and i cant actually check
if i have it installed?

i'm wondering if the nano isn't simply incapable of reading a non formatted card,
and i just have to format it with some other reader before it can use it.
i currently don't have anything that takes sd cards like these to try it with...

Yes it must be formatted to be recognized. You don't have a camera or cell phone that takes sd cards? Did it come with a full size adaptor so you could put it in a camera if you had one? Either of the two previous devices offer to format memory cards and that formating might be acceptable to the DSO. The reason I say might is because I believe some devices use FAT12 rather than the more common FAT16 or FAT32.

turns out my SD card was actually just a fraudulent piece of plastic pretending to be an sd card :S

got another card, and it works fine now.


I've got one of those but did you not notice the lack of electrical contacts or something.

it had contacts, just saying it didn't work...