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easiest motorshield to program?

I have a adafruit motorcontroller. I thought it was easy to program but, looking at some of the code that others have written it seems really complicated. Please tell me that it just looks hard and is really to program. Also, how do you get librarys thing to work? They have a tutorial but my computer looks different than their photos. If you know of a motorshield that is REALLY easy to program please tell me. Thanks for the help!

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I havent looked at that page. That code looks different from what I've seen. That is what I wanted it to look like, thank you so much! I still cant figure out how to do the library thing? Also, do you know if you can run a ultrasonic sensor on this motorshield?

I'll take a stab at your question about the ultrasonic sensor and the motorshield because I know somebody will correct me if I am wrong! My understanding is that all (or at least most) shields have most or all of the original functionality of the original board.I don't think you need the motorshield features for a ultrasonic sensor, so you could just hook it up to one of the analog in pins as you would if you weren't using the motorshield. Corrections anyone?