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Walks around and avoid obstacles

So here's my first robot. It's based on Insect robot from MAKE : Arduino Bots and Gadgets. I've used Arduino Nano. For now I'm still improving walking of the robot. I'm also thinking of addind few more sensors such as light or temperature sensor

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Very cool. I've been thinking about making one of these (or a similar hexapod). Figuring out the walking gaits looks like the biggest challenge.

Thanks :). Yeah assembling wasn't that hard but making that thing walk was.

Here are some similar ones for comparison:

Thanks IG I just wanted to refer to my little guy too.

I built the same and used the code in the magazine since it was also my first robot. After modifying the code and the hardware it was done and my "insect bot" did move quite good.

Well done

Thanks. I've seen your robot it's cool