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Just to say Hello and show my first robot

Hello everyone.

I thought I would take a minute and make a introductory blog entry. I have been interested in robots all my life. I can't really remember the first time the interest started in me, but I remember thinking to my self in the mid 1990's that this was something I think I could try. The first and only robot that I have completed building to this point has been the BeetleBot v2 originally created by Jerome Demers.

Here are a couple of images of my BeetleBot:

BeetleBot Front

BeetleBot Back

Its rather crude but very functional and I was happy with the outcome. The motor mount I made myself at work and I added some aircraft weights on the back to keep the back from popping up when it changed directions. Finishing this robot was a huge accomplishment for me because I suffer from Depression and PTSD from the first Gulf War. Those two things are what mainly keep me from completing most projects that I attempt. Given that, I have two unfinished robots on my work bench at this time. One is the $50 Dollar Robot from Society Of Robots and the other is a robot called Sandwich found in the book Robot Building for Beginners found at the Robot Room. The next robots I want to build are the SHR found here as well as the Yellow Drum Machine. I usually do things over months because of the mental health problems I have but I never let it keep me from working with projects very long. The BeetleBot above was probably 18 years in the making. Sad but true.

I want to commend and thank all the makers and builders here at this site for sharing the information you have and I look forward to possibly getting to know many of you and perhaps making a few friends along the way. A huge thanks goes to Frits Lyneborg for giving us place to share and exchange ideas.


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Welcome to the site. I hope LMR provides the encouragement and support you need to succeed!

That's a pretty cool little beetlebot you have there. I have always dreamed of having a house with a bunch of bots like that running around :)

My very first robot (not the one posted here on LMR) that I ever built was a similar bot to that, mine was a light seeking beetle. Sadly, I could never get it to work. Maybe your beetlebot will inspire me to fix mine!

Anyways, like Dan said, don't worry about how long it takes to complete a project, just keep at it and you will get it. Building robots is not a race, and take it from me, going too fast leads to problems, lol.

Also, you should get some videos of your little beetle running around and bumping into things!! Keep up the good work!