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Hello Everyone!  Great site Fritzl. 

There's a lot of interesting robots I have viewed on this forum.

I travel to elementary schools with several robots that follow students (sonar), chase coloured balls (RoboRealm) and even climb ropes - but none that play the drums.  :( My site is here.   I found a local engineer excited to build a YDM for the students. I can't wait for this cute robot to travel across gymnasium floors playing its tune for all kids to see!

Thanks Fritzl for sharing your YDM with everyone.





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Yes I’ve been to Steve Norris’s site before.   I’m interested in seeing his gesture-based RoboWand.  That would be really interactive and fun with a robotic arm.

There is not a lot on YouTube with the use of beacons with robots.  

I just received a possible answer to how the beacon may work.  

 -don't really understand it all :)

Probably the best way is to put an omni directional 38.5kc beacon with a ring of IR leds on the destination, then use a dual vane type sensor on a servo scanning head to determine the exact direction of the beacon from any distance indoors.  Two PNA4602 sharp photo detectors in the vane sensor would do the trick and th ier ouptuts can be fed directly into the uC."

Here's Pololus version of the above : http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/701/

And a video of it in operation :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_2L0kTIe0A

Note this uses another sensor other than the PNA4602, and so operates at a different frequncy. But these types of sensors will not operate with an obstruction between them. 
Thanks for the post.  I wanted to reply sooner but been searching for a certain robot I seen on Youtube awhile back but with no luck...yet. 
I do have other ideas and one of them is a robot equipped with IR detectors that seeks out an object in the audience with an infrared beacon. This mobile robot would need to have a fairly long range and work under environmental conditions such as noisy gyms, bright lighting and obstructions like many student bodies.
I know it easy to describe and I'm sure quite a bit more difficult to build but you asked. :)

Do you have the original video, or a description of the robot? Perhaps it's one we've seen somewhere.

 On IR, this would work mostly with line of site, obstructions are a problem. Sometimes you can bounce your TV remotes signal off a wall or sopmething, but usually it only works best pointed at the TV with nothing in between, IR could be somewhat difficult in the situation described.   RF stands a better chance as radio bounces around a lot more, but might take a little work. Here's one just found, a bit interesting :


Maybe let the target (kid) hold a helium balloon? With a beacon attached of course, but you do not need to tell that.

And I agree about the hidden video: describe it to us. We might have seen it. After all, we are a hundred eyes on any given day. And we spend way too much time onyoutube (and the likes).


I'm actually working on a project(robot)  with the larger scope being able to navigate ir beacons(waypoints)  similar to what you mentioned. It's similar to this guys ir beacon project that I found while doing some research on the subject. 


he's got some other great projects as well, check em out!


My plan is to expand on this by using beacons that send out serial encoded ir signals as to know which beacon is which. 


If you can produce a definition of a robot you think would entertain and enthuse children about robotics, engineering, or science in general, why not post your ideas here? Someone may even build it...