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Useless Machine


Not sure if this counts as a robot, but it does use a servo and has a circuit. This is my second useless machine actually, the first one I sold to a friend. The first one I slapped together but the second one I designed on the computer first and then measured out all the parts, trying to get it as small as possible. The limiting factor was the battery case which holds 4 AA's.

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Have you seen this version? Watch it through to the end.


Yea, I saw that one. Laughed a lot along with my collegues whom I showed it to later. It's a classic. When I get better at programming the picaxe etc I might have a go at building something like it.

Saw you guys covered it in Latest in Hobby Robotics too.

I guess I should've posted this under 'Something Else' which I just spotted for the first time today on the site. Oops. 

Anyway I can move it? Or should I delete this entry and make a new one under 'Something Else'?

There's no way to move it, unfortunately. I wouldn't worry about it. 

Is it a robot? It has a brain and responds to input (sort of). Close enough!