Let's Make Robots!

Toy Robot for my daughter.

drives around until it hits something, then you pick it up and laugh.

Simple wirecontrolled, some stuff I had, 2 switches, batteryholder, Tamiya twin gearbox some wheels and networkcable. Screw it all together and my daughter got a toyrobot.

2 pieces of fiberglass was used for the "controller", the top one is not in the picture but was added so that she wouldnt be able to touch the wiring.

Since I lost the motivation for my own robots, I kickstarted myself with this little project, it is good to complete something to get back on track with the bigger projects :)

1hour later the batteries run out, she puts here toys on top and drives around, its interesting to see that the Tamiya twin gearbox can push around quite much weight.


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Do we not all build our robots for our kids (or grandchildren like Dan M)? Admitted, my 2 months old daughter has not much interests in robots now:P

Cute. I find my own kids can be great at motivating me. They will try something, but then they always want it to be able to do more.

Thanks, I am thinking about buying her the Lego Mindstorm kit when she stops eating the lego instead of building it ;)