Let's Make Robots!

Google plus hangout Saturady afternoon 3pm PST.

Heya LMR folks,

I'm thinking of having a G+ hangout session tomorrow around 10am pst(I'm in California), 1pm est, UTC -7(I think).

If you want a gmail invite, send me a request by 9:45am and I'll send in invite your way and have a gmail account I can send it to.

I was thinking of just shooting the breeze, talking about bots, projects, and just general stuff.

maybe it'll be something, maybe it'll be just me some ambient noise....we'll see!  :)


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I would love to participate but I'm at the farm, perhaps have it in the evening? Would 6PM EST work? Or Sunday?

Great idea. I would love to participate, too. Not sure if I will be online. Need to go shopping.

How about sunday as well. :)  I'll see what the participation level is today, then throw out the sunday one and we'll go from there.

Cool! I just got back from the farm. Tomorrow I'll be back from church some time after 1 PM EST, then I'm all yours.

I have a couple of things to do in the morning, and most likely won't be back till after 1 PST. I'll check in then.

Ok, Saturday is past, it went well at the Hangout Session. So did sundays... or you could say todays(since it is still sunday).

But, is that mean it should countinue? I just wondering about that.

I would guess so since anyone can really start the session.

Another thing I can't use since it's like Facebook and Youtube not accessible in my place...

I most likely won't be hosting the hangout this weekend due to family being in town(yay family visits). I know you all will miss it.  :D

Another hang out is in order. I may host it later in the morning/afternoon though. Would it be easier to do this around 3pm pst? 6pm for the east coasters or earlier?

Hmm. I probably can't make it this week either way.