Let's Make Robots!

Google plus hangout Saturady afternoon 3pm PST.

Heya LMR folks,

I'm thinking of having a G+ hangout session tomorrow around 10am pst(I'm in California), 1pm est, UTC -7(I think).

If you want a gmail invite, send me a request by 9:45am and I'll send in invite your way and have a gmail account I can send it to.

I was thinking of just shooting the breeze, talking about bots, projects, and just general stuff.

maybe it'll be something, maybe it'll be just me some ambient noise....we'll see!  :)


Edit: modified time.

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10am is a little early to rub the friday night out of my eyes. Later is better but for me I'm accomodating.

Trust me, I hear ya.  :)

I think I should be able to do 6pm. Will have to get my shopping done before that. I got some things I can talky about but not too much showy. (ok, I lie. I have a few things to show I guess).

Can someone send me a google + invitation at airuno2L@gmail.com?



Thanks, I've resisted joining facebook this long, but figured I'll give G+ a shot

Hmm... did it already already happen for today or am I right on time?