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the junkbot just got a better name


This robot is a purfect bot if you want a down and dirty awsome junkbot that packs a punch. All and all the robot costs around 50$ but I am shure that that you can find half the stuff laying around your house. By the way this is a work in progress cince my arduino was on it's last leg as I was building it therefore I could not give the optonal nerf gun any type of servo controlled swival that I could make follow a moveing target using ir scencers. the only parts you really need to make the simple bot I built on my first  tempt are some remote controle cars from a thrift store, but if you want to get in some extra features you can use a spykey toy robot that I got from a thrift store for 30$. This has a live vidio feed directly to a computer or through a url to controle it anywhare. the robot is now finished. I could not post any vidios. It dose work and works pretty good.

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I like it, it really is interesting. Maybe you could post some more pictures to show us more. Other then that, it looks nice, though the picture is a little blury. What did you use for the chassis, and what is that on top? It looks like a cannon, haha. This is very intersting. That idea of the nerf gun sounds cool as well. But, how would you plan on getting the trigger to pull. Actually, that reminds me of another post. Here it is: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/26936

Keep on working on it!