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TouchOSC + Ipad + Processing

I am just sharing something I am working on. I say it will be used to control some robots in the future. It may just turn out to be something I do for the heck of it. Any way.... Here is a video explaining a little of what I have. Basically the thing with using this setup is all the code is written on processing which can read the input from the app and output data to the app also. This could be used to control a robot via xbee and display information back to the  user on the app. I may write a tutorial on this in the near future. 

iPad_data_send.pde7.73 KB

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The sweetest RC control on the block :D

Do you have the source for this on the processing side? I am working on my own and cannot get processing to write to the labels and was wanting to look at yours.

I posted the code. It has been a while since I worked with it, but this is the important bit:


OscMessage OSCtextbox1 = new OscMessage("/1/textdisplay-1");


 oscP5.send(OSCtextbox1, myBroadcastLocation);


You can alter the value of anything using that method. That includes labels, sliders, etc. Basically you create a message with the name of the element and then you add a value to it. In this case it is a string, but when working with other elements it might be an integer or float.

To the first question... I only have an Ipad 2 so of course I can only recommend that. I guess an Android tablet would allow you to write free apps I think.

To the second question... I have to get back to you on that one.

The controls are really nice looking... (I got to get a tablet - what do you recommend iPad2?)

Any thoughts regarding MRL (like where it should be improved regarding the interface)?

Honestly, I don't remember where it was left :P 

Ah! The good ol' TouchOSC method! It is fantastic when you use WiFi :)


Do you think you will invest in the redpark serial cable soon, just to remove the Processing middle step?

I do not know if there is a way for me to use that cable in an app without me actually being an app developer so I could make my own apps.

Thanks Patrick I'll download it :)

Hi Patrick, good tip thanks. I bought the same Mac a month ago and it's great :)  I've installed the Arduino IDE on it but I saw the Picaxe programming editor is only for Windows. What would be the alternative? Thanks and sorry if it's out of the subject.