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hovercraft circuit

hi there reader, i would like to build a hovercraft. but since im not so experienced with setting up the construction i would like to hear if my circuit i build is correct, and if it is not, what should i add or remove and dont forget the why. (please also read info below img)

would this work. here is the construction:

- 2 motors in serie wich are the motor who serve for the floating

- 1 back motor to draft the hovercraft forward (just a on/of-construction)

- and at last aservo wich is the back motor sittin on to turn right or left when the servo moves


now i will use cpu-fans as the motors in my circuits. im just not sure about the power i give, is it enough? or it far too high that i can dammege somthing by burnin it? or did i use my diodes and capisitors right to avoid this situation?


thnx alot


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Missed that, Zekk. My bad.

yah ofcource ^^

I wouldn't always listen to what other people say, although they may be right in this case. Before you go and buy model aircraft engines try some things out: Try putting your fans on top of eachother, does this increase the static pressure they produce? Try increasing the surface of your hovercraft (the lifting force is equal to the pressure multiplied by the surface). Try increasing the voltage to the fans up to 14-15 volts, do they speed up significantly? (but don't do this if you are not prepared to fry them :) ) After you have tried all this you can go buy a cheap flying toy and reuse its motors. Get one with at least 2 motors. Like an XPV. See if you can find cheap chinese knock-offs, it would be sad to ripp out the motors from a brand new toy.

I agree with Antonio's comments. I'd add that if the weight of the batteries becomes an issue, you can look into LiPo or NiMH racing packs, which will have a lot of power in a lighter package.

Good luck.