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hovercraft circuit

hi there reader, i would like to build a hovercraft. but since im not so experienced with setting up the construction i would like to hear if my circuit i build is correct, and if it is not, what should i add or remove and dont forget the why. (please also read info below img)

would this work. here is the construction:

- 2 motors in serie wich are the motor who serve for the floating

- 1 back motor to draft the hovercraft forward (just a on/of-construction)

- and at last aservo wich is the back motor sittin on to turn right or left when the servo moves


now i will use cpu-fans as the motors in my circuits. im just not sure about the power i give, is it enough? or it far too high that i can dammege somthing by burnin it? or did i use my diodes and capisitors right to avoid this situation?


thnx alot


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I would say that there are a lot of things wrong with your design.

And no, you did not use your "diodes and capisitors" right.

Now... here are a few pointers:

You don't need the diodes and capacitors in front of your transistors.

A regular 9 volt battery doesn't have enough power for 3 motors, a servo and an Arduino.

As some other people have pointed out you will probably fry your servo with 9 volts.

If you put your two motors in series and supply them with 9 volts each motor will get only 4.5 volts. Since these are CPU fans which work at 12 volts they will probably no even turn at all.

I could redesign your circuit for you, but I think it would be better if you took the time to learn a bit about voltage, resistance, current and power.

Oh and you don't need a motor controller, two transistors are perfect for this job, but you need power transistors. Getting a motor controller would actually be a bad idea because cpu fans don't spin the other way when you power them in reverse, in the best case they will do nothing, in the worse case they will just fry.

Well, Im not the best at reading circuts, but I I agree with Gareth. Mainly, what Im not seeing is any kind of motor controller, or a H-bridge...  This isn't the most detailed, but check out the video on this: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/27512

Your set-up seems very experimental.........

Off your Schematic........  you will blow (kill) your servo supplying it with 9 Volts (normal hobby servos run 5 to 6 Volts)

You would be better off going for a Motor Controller ie LD293 chip  (this would mean you can send PWM signals to control the speed and power to the motors).

Most CPU fans are rated at  5Volts or 12Volts ..... my guess is that you would have to "overclock" the motors anyway to push enough air to "Hover" ....

i am too much of a noob at electronics to comment on the circuit,
but i do notice that your drive fan cannot be reversed like this.

seems like being able to reverse the drive fan would be usefull to bring it to a stop without having
to rotate the fan itself.