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Earth Core HexaPod

Walks forward, backward, spins, blinks.

8/5/11 Update:

Everyone should build one of these.  This was my first 'remove the PICAXE' of the dev board project.  Good fun!

Three servos made by Hitec with some coat hanger wire. PICAXE 18M2 micro-controller. Powered by 3 * AA batteries. Note the PICAXE programming jack on the left of the bot. Program consumes about 25% of the 2Kb of memory on the PICAXE 18M2's

We have programed move routines for:
Power_up (just flashes the eyes)

Video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2R0Vv34Wg4

Original Post:

My version of the Hexapod inspired from http://www.pololu.com/docs/0J42.  I just think the thing looks cool and who can resist building a walking robot.  I didn't peek at the gait code because I wanted to go through the learning process on my own.  

Right now this guy can walk forward (shown in the vid) and backward. Currently working on spin right and spin left. I have some clever (I think) delay variables that really change the personality.  The current vid shows it walking forward.  Of course I plan to cut the cords from the dev board when the design is complete.

The plan is to have it walk around on a table without falling off.  As with all projects, that goal could change.

Comments and suggestions always welcome.

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Love it. I want to do one of these minimalist hexapod designs as well. It seems to get decent traction with the naked metal feet and it can still shuffle left and right. Very nice.

I'm curious, to what does the "earth core" refer to?


They are not bare metal.  If you look closely they are tipped in black.  I put some heat shrink tubing on the metal and applied some flame.

As far as "Earth Core"; it refers to the title of a sci-fi book that had some tiny robots that mined the deep Earth.  It you like sci-fi and robots, it's a fun read. You can listen to it for free here:http://www.podiobooks.com/title/earthcore

Thanks for checking out my 'bot.