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Hamster Powered Walker

Remember Gareth's "schneebeast" or Linefeed's "Karpedbeest"? well.. see this:


Actually this isn't a robot at all. IMHO it looks so cool! I came across it while surfing Internet, and I had to post this on LMR here :) Only I don't know if hamsters like it?

also see the buider's site

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Use two of these as "track" steering on a "Start Here Robot" and have a very cool walker.

A quick search doesn't show these for sell in the US that I could find.

Cool, an "anti-kitty armoured car" for hamsters... 

What I am wondering is if the hamster figures out that her running was making the legs move... When my kids were small we had hamsters and one of those balls. The hamsters seemed to learn that they could go anywhere they wanted to by rolling the ball in the right direction. --of course then the movement was a little more direct, so they made the association more quickly. In this case the legs move much slower and also only move forward and back, not turn...

Awesome :D