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Is the POP-BOT arduino microchip compatible with the BOE-BOT developer board?

I have an Inex POP-BOT which came with an arduino-like microchip, and was thinking of getting a BOE-BOT, which uses a Board of Education with a BASIC stamp microchip attached to it. Now my question is, there two chips seem to look identical in size, and can both be detached from their respective developer boards, so what I'm wondering is, would they be interchangeable?

This would be really handy as it would mean I could buy a BOE-BOT and be able to program in either in the BASIC stamp or arduino languages. It would also allow me to have all the advantages of the BOE-BOT robot (which I feel is superior to the POP-BOT).

They seem to be similar in set-up, so I can't really see any reason why not, but I just wanted to ask someone here to make sure.

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is pinout. For starters, the power and ground must be on the same two or more pins, some microcontrollers have more than one power and/or ground. Following the power pins, you then need to be sure that your analog sensors would all be connected to analog inputs. I would imagine that the Stamp and the other microchip will have similar current source/sink capabilities, so that shouldn't be a problem. As I recall, the Basic Stamps are kinda like Arduino Teensys. A surface mount controller with voltage regulator and what not already on board. Be sure that the Voltage going to the Stamp is not more than the other microcontroller can handle.

PS - I just looked at the POP-BOT page. They seem to say that it is similar to the Basic Stamp. The pinout and power requirements are still the biggest concerns I can think of at the moment.

Thanks ever so much for your advice. Voltage (as well as pinout) is the biggest concern as I wouldn't want to ruin any of the parts if they're not fully compatible. I'll have to set when I obtain one.