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Stepper & Trumpet

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Cool. Remind me on a radio I onced built with stepper motor generator: http://www.elexs.de/smotorradio.pdf

(Text is in German but there some pictures and the schematic in the document)

Neato. So the stepper acts as a generator to feed the piezo buzzer.

What circuit did you use? Not quite this one, based on the number of diodes I see.

Consider adding a small hand crank to the shaft of the stepper to make turning easier.

great infos ignoblegnome

i need some explanations about this circuit:

why 2 caps??? i used only one cap...   

It's not my circuit, but I'd say each diode bridge will rectify the voltage output of the motor coils, which will charge each cap  individually. Since the caps are stacked, their voltage add, and you get voltage doubling.

Tired and slighly buzzed, so forgive me if I did not explain that well. ; j


i placed only one cap because i tought that applying a voltage to a cap was the same than apply half voltage to two caps...

because the voltage of the two bridge is serialized

but probably my idea is not true because the overall voltage depends on the phase of the two channels



I just paste the URL directly into the video section. Works perfect every time.

great mustache oddbot :)

just use http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcid9n-59W0 as the video url ;)

The include code youtube gives didn't work for me either.

Did you make that noise without any external power supply? nice!