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Stair climbing robot

I want to build a robot that is not confined to a single, perfectly flat area, so I want it to be able to handle stairs.

I invoke the creative powers of LMR to brainstorm the design for a staircase handling robot drive system.

Here are some of the design criteria:

It has to work for a fairly large robot. Something the size of R2-D2 or larger. (at least 1m tall, with a weight of 20-30 kg)

The stair climbing ability must not come at a cost to the agility of the robot on flat ground.

The drive system must be robust enough to survive real world stairs and pavement, maybe even carpets.

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That robot goes over rocks almost as fast as a human, possibly even faster.

Unfortunately I need something that won't wobble as much. I'm trying to built a robot butler so I need it to be fairly steady when carying my drinks :)

In the end I think I will use 6 wheels with 3 axles, 3 whels on each side, similar to a tank. Each axle will be mounted on some kind of lif mechanism. The robot will have a stair sensor in front of it. When going upstairs, the robot will start with all the wheels extended. When the first set of wheels approaches or touches the first step the robot makes sure his center of gravity falls between the middle and back axles then it lifts up his fron axles and places it on top of the next step. It moves forward, lifts up the middle axis, places it firmly on the higher step, changes its center of gravity to fall between the first two axles and then lifts his back axle. Then the process repeats.