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Stair climbing robot

I want to build a robot that is not confined to a single, perfectly flat area, so I want it to be able to handle stairs.

I invoke the creative powers of LMR to brainstorm the design for a staircase handling robot drive system.

Here are some of the design criteria:

It has to work for a fairly large robot. Something the size of R2-D2 or larger. (at least 1m tall, with a weight of 20-30 kg)

The stair climbing ability must not come at a cost to the agility of the robot on flat ground.

The drive system must be robust enough to survive real world stairs and pavement, maybe even carpets.

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I think is possible, but as you will see in this video, the mechanics needed for central leg took significant amount of internal space.


I'll go without middle leg and put robot on the next step on it's belly. The rest of the process is like Robotx said.