Let's Make Robots!


kill,explore,demolish,instills fear upon poor souls.





Mighwar in Arabic is synonymous to the word commando in the English language.


X4 12v Volvo s60 windsheild wiper motors.

X4 26cm diameter pneumatic wheels.

X4 custom made wheel to motor steel adapters .

X4 custom motor controller.

Custom Atmega168 based processing unit.

x2 military style twist connectors for charging and data.

9ch RC TX/RX

x2 12v 18ah sealed jell batteries.


UPDATE : Command and control circuit 1 is etched.

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Now this is very cool. I got to learn more about making robots with some amazing pictures are well. And, as an added little surprise, I learned how to say commando in Arabic. Thanks for this article.


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Glad you liked it :)

Tell you what jad, I'll design you some relay motor controller boards if you pay for shipping. I'll etch the boards for you, all you have to do is populate the board.

Thanks for the kind offer, but the fact is i can personally design and etch boards. heck, i do it for a living :P

These are just crappy versions that i put together in a hour just to get this going, im planning of course on converting them to etched boards later down the road after i make sure of the specs and ratings needed after it starts moving :)

We can collaborate on a high power H-bridge design if you want ?

Yes it was logic ( my question was quite stupid indeed o__0 ) LOL

Web is magic, Beirut seems to be not so far :)


Please tell me youre doing something about the tiny, tiny, TINY wires for these Huge, HUGE HUGE MOTORS.

Nahh, these are the control signal wires ! :) PWM and DIR. Power and motors plug into the blue connectors.

That looks like 24 gauge wire, which wont be able to handle anywhere near the 30 amps these motors will draw.

the wires for motors compared to wires of control signals. more than enough.


No, Look at this board. The traces, or wires going to the screw terminals are very tiny gauge wire. And I have those same terminals, rated to about 5 amps or so.