Let's Make Robots!


kill,explore,demolish,instills fear upon poor souls.





Mighwar in Arabic is synonymous to the word commando in the English language.


X4 12v Volvo s60 windsheild wiper motors.

X4 26cm diameter pneumatic wheels.

X4 custom made wheel to motor steel adapters .

X4 custom motor controller.

Custom Atmega168 based processing unit.

x2 military style twist connectors for charging and data.

9ch RC TX/RX

x2 12v 18ah sealed jell batteries.


UPDATE : Command and control circuit 1 is etched.

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You have a point, ill look into beefing them up :)

I'm not sure who was doing the work on the lathe, but some of those pictures are very scary indeed.


I in absolutely no way intend to cause offense, but the image with the parting off tool, and the one below it with the one with the vernieer gauge might not be best things to show on an educational forum - both show very dangerous ways of working, and could cause people to loose fingers or get badly injured.


The robot itself looks like it's going to be great.Please keep the updates coming.

The man has some 20 years of experience on that particular machine, i was close only during the taking of these pictures.

I quite understand your concerns and i chatted with the man about it and he told me about an accident that happened on this machine with a man's scarf getting caught in the spindle resulting in catapulting the man into the wall causing severe injury.


I will keep the updates coming :)

As I have two years of school with lathe and other machines I do agree that this is some scary pictures.

That said I do envy anyone having this type of low cost fabrication in their neighborhood. To get anything like this done in Norway it would probably cost you $100 just to look at your drawings.

I got 4 shafts machined and welded to the motor shafts all for 40 US$ :) And the process nearly needed all the expertise this machine does ! also done in under 2 hours same day i spoke to him.

I just got a hold of these guys...

They are even rights and lefts!

You have given me some inspiration to dust off the ol' welder...

I was going to buy like the ones you posted, but then i saw the big ones that i have now. i think it will be a bit tricky for you to mount wheels directly on the shafts. But you are creative, you will figure this out :P

Btw, i believe these are window up down motors since they come in lefts and rights. unlike windshield wiper motors. 

I don't know if this picture is clear but this is how I mount those motors and the image below are the mount plates. They are different because both motor are same side so these plate have to be made differently to hold motors in same position.

BTW, I am not too sure but if I were you I would use stronger wire like 10~12AWG at least and have 30A or 50A fuse in each motors, depands on how much AMP your motor may consumed. Again, not 100% sure if I am correct but that's how I use on my tank.

Definitely ! The wires im going to use will be thick. the green and yellow wires you see above are just for signals ( PWM,DIR).

First off this is a very cool build, and seconldy how are you planning to interface that display to the robot?