Let's Make Robots!

If you have already built a successful and working robot, look away !

Gordon McComb, The author of Robot Builder's Bonanza has sent LMR 4 signed books that we can give away.

We could have done an ordinary challenge where you actually have to build a robot to be eligible of winning one of the four books, but that is not the case this time ! To deserve having this book, you don't have to make a robot, well umm, you don't even need to know anything about robots ! And that's the whole point. We want to give these to the people who deserve the info inside the most.

We will be on the lookout for potential people who might make good use of these books not just store them, their is no way to enter this challenge nor a deadline :)

winners will be informed by an email and their names will be mentioned here.

May the WORST best robot builder win !

At last but not least, Thanks Gordon !

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This is a great book.  I bought mine about a month ago, and it is packed with really good information.  Gordon McComb's instructions and examples gave me the confidence to start building my own robot.  Highly recommended.

That is so cool that he sent LMR signed copies!