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avoids obstacles using a sharp ir sensor

After reading on LMR for a while and drawing inspiration and reading about loads of tips and tricks i thought i should share my first creation.

It is not finished and im not sure it ever will be, i will probably taking it apart and using the parts for something else before its done.

I first started building a Lego car with 1 continuous rotation servo for propulsion and one normal servo for steering and only a button for letting it know when it bumped in to stuff, the car was very slow and difficult to control and needed a lot of space for its huge turning circle so i decided to scrap it.

That led to the birth of Tribot. I ordered the additional parts i needed and made the bottom plate, i also bought some double sided tape that i had read so much good about ( it is that good!) put it together in one evening and started to program the next. My previous experience in electronics is very limited (so limited that the first thing i did with my arduino was to bur a led). Mu experience with code and c was limited to simple HTML and some Hello world level code in c++ so this was interesting, especially to write the code for detecting obstacles was not that easy, im getting the hang of the basics now and there is plenty of ideas to implement in this little guy.


I was discussing cnc machines with my friend the other day and this is what came out of it in the end... :)

Because of the low quality servos and construction in general the precision is crap! But it was fun and now it can write LMR :)

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What did you use to raise and lower the pen?

I used a servo to lift the pen and gravity to drop it again... i tried to keep it simple.