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Cheap Robot DIY Hand


Update 8-28-2011:

I'm calling this one done.  In the end it came out nicely I think:


Update 8-2--2011:


PC webcam image monitored by program written in RobotSee. The image is processed and the appropriate subroutine is called upon recognition. The RobotSee program then outputs to the ColdFire uC to control five servos on a toy robotic hand to mimic the webcam image.

Orignal post below:

First test of our $6 toy hand with five Micro Servo 9Gs added. The five servos are used to manipulate each finger. Servo positions are controlled via PICAXE micro-controller. Pretty simple and basic right now, but I would like to use this as a platform for understand interrupts (tap a switch 'x' times to call a subroutine) and LCD display interfacing (display the gesture on the LCD). Next steps are to clean up the wiring, remove the dev board, and possible add a wrist position servo.

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:D I think I´ve watched that movie before!!!

Yup. I noticed the grinding noise on the servos in the first video. However I was so thrilled by the last video that I quickly forgot! The wife has a class tonight, so I´ll take that opportunity to try it out!

I´ll let you know. Thanks.

I didn´t know that the state of Texas allowed robots to marry!! If I am not mistaken, that is a wedding ring on the last video uploaded!

Very inspirational work, Voltar. Your servos move smoothly and jitter free. I hope your solution also works for me.

What will you move on to, now?



My next project, Andres?  A top secret destruction weapon to be placed on the moon with plans of taking the world hostage, in order to make a trillion dollars... 

BTW- Listen and watch the first vid I make (the 35 sec one).  You can hear and see the servos jittering/chattering in the vid.  In the 'complete' version vid (the last one posted; 21 secs) there is no servo jitter/chatter due the the "OFF" and or "LOW" tip that I suggested to you.

Looks good. Where is this toy hand from? Do you have a link?

The gesture on the main picture remind me on this one. lol