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How I document the 'NEG' Wire

Prevents component smoke and getting your DVM

Simple tip. I have been using it since I was a kid playing with rockets. I like to tie a knot in the NEG lead of a wire to document POS and NEG. If I am using unmarked speaker wire or I have cut the connector off of a wall wart DC adapter the knot serves as an instant notice to me as to what lead is NEG. Since 'knot' and 'NEG' start with the same sound it is easy for me to remember. Really helpful when you have a closet full of wall wart DC adapters that move from project to project as time passes. Oh, it's free.....

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Great idea! I will implement this forward. Thanks for the tip =)

Oh, yeah, I did the same thing, but I tie the knot on the positive, as the knot resembles the "+" wire and the simple wire is more like the "-". But now, I always use red for the positive and black for the negative.

If you and I ever exchange AC adaptors the world could possible explode!