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The Best Gosh-Darn Android-Based Robot Controller.

Control your robot with your phone

The robot controller app is out! Woo Hoo! Finally, a Android-based hobbyist robot controller that works with every microprocessor. There is no corresponding software required on the robot, you can write your own code to your heart's content.

A clean, simple app that features:

  • Joystick control via pushbutton and tilt Auxiliary buttons
  • Voice Recognition and "voice commands"
  • Text to speech
  • Data can be sent to and from the robot for debugging

All that is needed is a cheap bluetooth unit (a BlueSmirf unit from SparkFun was used for testing) and any flavor of microcontroller. Arduino, Picaxe, Propeller, BS2, AVR --anything that can receive serial data can use this app. If you can send text to a LCD or a terminal, you can use this app. Baud rate from 9600 to 115,200 are supported and auto-detected.

And it is only 2 bucks, for cryin' out loud!

If you are overseas, buy now and take advantage of the weak US dollar!


Link to the App itself here.

Link to the PDF instructions are here.



Added some more videos. A demo of the app running on an Arduino and also a sketch running in Processing that can talk to the app.

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I wish I could get android on my htc touch diamond .

Hey Chris how the Speech recognition works ?

I mean you have to record the commands first and then  assign them to real commands ?

Good timing. I just got my hands on an old Motorola Droid from my brother. The touch screen is dead, but I think I can fix it pretty easily.

I saw the beginnings of Pat's work and his iPad... Gunna give me a run for my money, it looks like...

the choice of android vs iphone gets harder

Easy choice for me i went for Android ....... as i found the open source and experimental work being acheived on this platform is amazing.

You mean easier, I have had an iPhone for over a year now, completely unimpressed.

Damn!  You must be hard to impress.  ;)

For me it is the exact opposite.  I am amazed daily that I have work email, a good web browser, instant access to books, podcasts, video, and other information. Add access to my entire music library, great GPS, and a camera that even does high res video all in the size that fits in your pocket and I'm pretty happy with the product.

I do hate being "that guy" that likes an Apple product so much, because I typically don't like "that guy".  

Oh, and Chris, cool app!