Let's Make Robots!

Software/Hardware infrastructure project to control the vehicle over Internet

Drive around, stream video back to the driver.

We are working on the software and hardware infrastructure to control vehicles (car, tank, quad-copter, etc.) over the internet. This is complete opensource project with all the source code available here.

Video streaming is made in real-time from on-board camera using adaptive algorithm to keep stable framerate which is required for comfortable control. BeagleBoard is used as on-board computer. In addition to high-level data processing like video compression, our goal was to control servos also from BeagleBoard without additional micro-controllers. GPIOs and two built-in PWM generators are used. The only additional electronic required are voltage level shifters to convert 1.8V to standard 5V required for servos and speed controllers.

Hacked RC racing car were used as a first prototype. Currently we are working on the much slower tank which is more convenient to use at home because RC car is just too fast for indoor. Our main focus currently is to implement stereo vision and then build quad-copter with this software and hardware.

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Thank you very much for the positive feedback!

I took a look at your blog. Very interesting project. I hope you will share more info on LMR as it develops!

Frits just posted about his own multi-coptor project. It would be great to see if you manage to adapt your vision processing to a flying platform.

Better later then never :-) - here, as promised, is more info about the project: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/29746

and even more details are available here: https://github.com/veter-team/veter/wiki

Hit the wrong button to reply... sorry :-)

Thank you very much for the positive feedback!

We are almost done with the next iteration of the software and hardware and I am currently in process of writing a series of articles about whole system architecture and separate components. It will include things like generating precise PWMs with Xenomai real-time Linux extensions, real-time communication over I2C bus, video streaming, OpenGL-based visualization at driver side, OpenCV-based anaglyph image generation and much more.

I will definitely post further information here as soon as it will be ready.