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Cheaprider 1.1



I've made some changes. It's smaller but for a dumb mistake now it's unstable, working on that!

For the Motor Controller I'm using a L293D with a Protoshield. The PSU is 7.2V and now works smooth. It goes forward and backward, turns Turn clockwise and soon will have a sensor. Sound soon too ♫



Hi LMR, This is my first robot or should I say the "Cheaprider" (Cheap + rider) 1.0. I'm still setting up the connections and codes, but for a start I think is decent.

It's blind, so when I get my ultrasonic sensor I'll post a video because the only thing that does is go forward and backward, which is boring. I've used a motor controller shield that had a servo input on it, but I accidentally 'burned', so a friend lent me this one that is not good and doesn't have the servo thingy and therefore it's not working properly.

As you may guess the servo controls the direction and the toy motor with gearbox the 'action'. Uses a Duemilanove and a 9 V Battery, also has a blinking led.

Stay tuned for more details. I'm an apps developer and that means people with ideas and with no patience, but I'm going to try update this bot ASAP!. Cheers.


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Nice start and a creative build.

You should be able to drive your servo directly from a digital output of the Arduino. You don't need a special driver board to control one servo. Try it out!

Thank you.

I've tried that, but it happens some energy reduction. Tomorrow I'm going to check again all the connections.

i had a lot of problem too with servo and arduino...i solved using a battery for arduino and a battery for the servo ( and eventually motor) the 2 battery negative in common; and after control the servo from one of the arduino digital output and servo library