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Help with selecting servo controler

Hello, I have made a bipedal robot and I have found a servo controller! I would like your opinion on who is what a good! One is Arduino Mini Servo Motor Drive Shield V2.0

And the other USBSSC32

how recently you yourself;

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It all depends on the design of your robot.

If you use a Spider controller then you can drive up to 48 miniature servos directly from it's built in 3A switchmode power supply. As the Spider is basically an Arduino Mega it means you also get a controller with 128K of memory, 16x ADC inputs for sensors, 4x serial ports, I2C interface etc.


yes but the programming will certainly be much harder! now the biped robot that I have great difficulty I do all the servo to work correctly and at the same time! I have made a key interface in Visual basic net and from there I have the program for the simultaneous movement of the servo! I could not do it at level arduino! since I saw the two was that the controller is sent from the

# 11P2000 # 30P2500T1500 \ n \ r Move NO.11 servo to pulse width 2000us, No. 30 servo to pulse width 2500us, using time 1500ms. Servo's speed depends on the steering location of the previous time. NO.11 and NO.30 servos arrived at the designated location at the same time.



I remember if you have multiple servos you need external power source to support servos therefore you got another shield on top of it. isn't it? I got one set of this and it works fine.

If you are using standard servos that work fine at 5V then you can run them directly from the Spider as long as they do not exceed the 3A limit of the switchmode power supply.

The Shield is only needed for HD servos that run on 6V or 7.2V

so the first seems more sophisticated, and are version 2011! I know not many of these controller but has someone Learn things from each other; the programming and 2 look the same!

I use ssc32 with no problem but the first one seems not bad either.