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Free Motor Controllers!

I am currently designing some very budget friendly Motor drivers, and to test the design out, I am giving away 10 free drivers! Each driver is a single or possibly dual (5 single and 5 dual) transistor based design, and cost per board is very, very low. If you would like one of these free driver boards, please post in the forum below. No restrictions! Each board ships with a application note so you know how to use it.

A few specs:

Max Voltage: 30V

Max Amperage: 0.6A

The design is called the "Smokable" Transistor H bridge, because if you turn both Transistors on a single side High, you can "smoke" the H bridge, as it'll create a direct short across ground. Basically, don't drive both sides high. It requires 4 GPIO to control, and allows for High Side and Low Side Braking, as well as coasting.


********************************EDIT 2**************************

Did a update on the board, this one is actually manufacturable quality. I will etch the board today and see how it turns out. I decided to make 10 Dual Controller boards instead of half and half. When I recieve your shipping information and 5 dollars for shipping, you will recieve your board and a confirmation that it has been shipped via USPS. No international shipping atm until I can figure out your individual cost.

I have plenty of parts on hand, but I do not want to pay for shipping. Therefore, when I recieve your shipping information and funds via paypal your board will be shipped.

Budget_V2.JPG115.01 KB

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I would like one dual to use on a tank my friend is making if it isn't a problem for you to send it in Croatia.

The motors must be very low draw, under 600MA I should add.

Well then they are too weak for the tank, it will be using drill motors, but still, thank you for giving out free stuff, people like you make the world better place =)

Hi Krumlink,

thats a very generous offer.  

I can not promise I would use it in a robot right away upon receiving, but I will certainly help test it out.  I'm using BS2's right now, so I can give you feedback on how that goes.




Awesome. I really need a better motor controller. I hope to win one. Cheers.

Well the first 10 people to request one get one, so far all 3 of you will recieve one.

thanks :D

I want one of these for that gearbox I got.

id like one

i want to know if the pcb is double or single side, and if there is any possibility to share the pcb, i'll etch it. The shipping to my country would cost maybe 10 times the price of the board.