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"Undermount"? Through-PCB? Female Headers (Looking for them)

Hey guys, I am trying to put a bluesmirf bluetooth module under a shield. The obvious answer is to skip the pins and corresponding female header and just use the pins. Of course, this means a hard-solder situation. No pluging and unplugging. No good.

Does anyone know of any kind of through-PCB female headers that work with standard pin headers? I have seen some guys using something similar (Nick uses them on his boards) to hold the crystal and allow it to be changed, but these are for use with the small leads of the crystal. There has got to be something similar for regular pins.

This could be a "don't know what words to google" sorta situation but all I can think of is "through pcb" and "female headers". This of course brings me to regular female headers that are "through" as in, not SMT.

I am open to any other ideas. This is just a regular brain-board/shield set up like an Arduino. Of course the X-bee fits fine with those slick metric headers but this BT unit is becomming a thorn in my side.

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I just wanted to drop a note here in terms of the final solution. I was all happy-slappy thinking I was going to go with the machine headers when Voodoo made another suggestion... You know, KISS?

The answer is 90 degree female headers! (and 90 degree pins too). A bent female header puts the connection flat against the board. A corresponding bent pin header on the BT unit plugs in and lays flat against the board as well. Woo Hoo! Done.

Sure, we are adding around a 1/2" to the total length of the BT unit, but hey, I got the space to spare on this board.

Life ain't too bad...

I think it is machine pin for the win.

It seems some folks (sparkfun and others) are calling these things "Swiss machine pins". They look low enough. I am going to do some datasheet reading and see if I can find some dimentional drawings to be sure but it looks like this is a go.

As always, thanks again guys.

Google "Arduino headers"

BAM! Female machine pin headers.

Chris have you considered some machined pins, you would have to change the pin header on the module, but this are low profile and make good contact

here a link just to show you what I'm talking about