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servo glitch: oneway selfe going



my servo goes glitching when power goes on it. i made a press butten to control its flow. when i push the pcb button wich is connected to 5v on arduino the flow will go trough my servo and its moves, if u think its ok.. u might wanna know that my arduino has no controlling a servo, but it moves anyway!! how is this possible orange is conntected to pin o/i 9 red to 5v and black to current. help me and ask what u need to know :3

and also my usb goes on and of on and of...... its beebing >.< then servo moves agian a little NO CODE FOR THE SERVO IN IT



void setup() {                

  // initialize the digital pin as an output.

  // Pin 13 has an LED connected on most Arduino boards:

  pinMode(2, OUTPUT);

  pinMode(3, OUTPUT);

  pinMode(4, OUTPUT);

  pinMode(5, OUTPUT);

  pinMode(6, OUTPUT);  




void loop() {

  digitalWrite(2, HIGH);



  digitalWrite(2, LOW);  

  digitalWrite(3, HIGH); 



  digitalWrite(3, LOW);

  digitalWrite(4, HIGH); 



  digitalWrite(4, LOW);

  digitalWrite(5, HIGH); 



  digitalWrite(5, LOW);

  digitalWrite(6, HIGH); 



  digitalWrite(6, LOW);




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ChuckCrunch's picture

not set this may make the pin float and fead the servo a random signal

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It's possible the servo is resetting the Arduino each time it attempts to move. 

It's usually a good idea to try and isolate servos and other motors from controller power a little. I've used 2 battery packs, one for the controller and one for the servos, joining the ground wires for common reference.. It is also possible to have a single battery pack provide power to a micro through a diode and capacitor set up, with the servos getting power directly from the battery pack (if it is within their reated voltage. 

Try adding a 10uf capacitor across the servo's power leads, this may help.

i think i solved my problem..

i added a diode at the 5v wire to the servo and it seems to work thankss

If you want exact precise control, drop alot more for digital servos.

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Servos will move a little when you apply voltage. This is normal.