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powering my arduino uno



i'd like to make my arduino self-going, i mean that its power doesn't come from the usb cable.

but i dont know what volt i should use..

if i use 3 × 1.5 V is is 4.5V but it needs 5V' then if i power it whit 9v would it explode or someting i dont know how do u guys solve this? and does it actuly matter if i put 9v on it?


thnx nick

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A 9V will do, but if you are also powering other stuff (servos, motors, etc.) the 9V will not provide enough current.

You can supply up to 7V (lowest recommened) to 12V (highest recommended) and the Uno's voltage regulator will drop it down and provide +5V out.



so i can put 9v battery to my arduino trough the jack barrel or somting?
so i can put 9v battery to my arduino trough the jack barrel or somting?

Did you read the info at the link I provided under the section titled, "Power"? The answer is right there.

I took time to find and post it for you. You should take the time to read it. If there is still something you don't understand after reading the information I have provided. I would be happy to assist further.

now i've bought a 9V battery and conected it to the barrel jack plug i have but than my pin 13 wich my led is to conected is flashing alot! there is no code in the arduino except for the empty setup and loop. i've tried usin 4.5V but still flashing... why would it flash if i dont tell him to??? tnx nick