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simple rover robot

hopefully navigate around via ultra sound

well ive got this robot all built and wired up but ive got a few problems with it. for starters the servo is completely stuck i just got the metal gear servo and attached it to the servo port on the adafruit motorshield but when i tried using the servo sweep code it kinda worked but then it just got stuck. it wont move at all ive cut off all power to it and its still stuck the code wont work any more either how can i fix this? im also at a loss for trying o write the code not as easy as i thought it be nothing is moving and im not sure if the sensor even works so if has code for a robot remotely similar to this robot please give it to me danroboman@ymail.com i jus need a starting code for my robot thanks


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You gave us one picture and a very vague description. We need to know ALOT more than what you've given us.

When your servo is disconnected, you should be able to manually rotate the servo horn with your fingers. There will be some resistance, but it should not be very hard to move. If the servo is stuck even when it is not connected/powered, you have a mechanical problem.

If you sent the servo an invalid command, for example, commanded it to turn further than it was mechanically designed to do, you may have caused the gears to strip or jam. All it would take would be issuing a servo command with a number either too high or too low. I've damaged servos this way myself.

You can carefully disassemble the servo and see if the gears are stuck or damaged. You might be able to fix the problem. If the gears themselves are damaged, you can get replacement parts.


It would help to see your code and some more details about your creation. I am sure we can help you to find the faulty code or whatever is wrong with your bot.

this is like rocket science!!