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Simplest Robot project involving Arduino Uno

Hi Guys, 

Just got my arduino uno and i've completed the basis projects (manupulation with leds and piezo buzzers).

I really want to do something more serious..

so what is the simplest robot that i can start with?

something that doesn't take much time to build and doesn't cost much ... :)

I am sure this question was asked before, so excuse me for the repetition :)

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I got my motor shield from goodluckbuy for $19.50. The shipping is free to anywhere in the world. The shield is basically the Adafruit design, and it works very well. You can run a couple of stepper motors (easy enough to salvage from old gear) or 4 DC motors. I also soldered on a couple of male headers to run two mini servos, so I can sweep a rangefinder, and some female headers to get access to the spare Arduino pins.

Thank you for your elaborate replies ..

Yes I can buy a motor shield but as I live outside the states, I find it difficult and costly for suppliers to ship the electronic goodies to me.

but, I have recently started using amazon and I found the service to be quite satisfactory.. so I am wondering if anyone have tried/reviewed this motor shield kit from amazon


thanks in advance guys .. :)

A rough copy of the Start Here Robot, but, with two continuous rotation servos instead of motors(no h-bridge required). Or, a hexapod with 3 servos similar to this or this.

not exactly robots, but definetly a bunch of good next step projects:


You could build a simple robot. Can you invest in a shield for your Uno? This would provide a driver chip for two motors, plus an interface for sensors, servos, etc.

I recommend Ro-Bot-X's Robot Builder's Shield for the Arduino, available at http://robotxdesigns.ca. He's an LMR member and the shield was designed with input from many LMR members. I wrote a review for the shield and his other boards.

Krumlink is currently offering a motor driver board available for the cost of shipping to LMR members.

Adafruit and others also have shields that you can add to the Uno.