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RoverX mini

Travels on rough surface

This is my attempt to build a very small and light but offroad vehicle. The accelerometer acts as a tilt sensor. A bandwidth of 1Hz has been set with according external capacitors to filter heavy vibrations, produced by the wheel legs. The bi-directional flexible bend sensors will be used as tactile sensors on the front and rear of the robot.The robot is powered by two 3.7V cell phone Li-Ion batteries (BT-33). A L7805 supplies 5V for the Picaxe, a LD33V 3.3V for the accelerometer. The main body and the battery compartment is made from 2mm ABS sheet. The wheels are made from 1.5mm aluminum sheet, rubber from an old tank track and 3mm wheel hubs.


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Awesome. Can't wait to see it in action.

It is a very neat build. I was wondering what it will do. What is its purpose in life?

Thumbs up!


It reminds me of RHex from Boston Dynamics.
Nice and clean build.

A road I always wanted to travel. It's looking really good!


i am makeing this as project . do you have programming for this project . plz pass to me .


hi buddy . can you please tell me the programing


I don't have the code anymore. But with a little knowledge in programming Picaxe Basic, you're able to write your own code ;)

hey markus . do you remember the circuit diagram for this project .