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Solenoid Drumbot

Hi LMR people,

This is the beginning of my 2nd drum robot. I've build my tamiya tracked base for him.

This version of frits's famous YDM will be using solenoids for the drumsticks. actually this one on ebay.

I've sprayed the wheels and frame into a copper color as you can see above. The solenoid drumstick will work on 8 batteries. However it seems better to add a few more batteries, because the drumstick hits the object faster then. These solenoids actually works up to 24 volt but I don't dare to do that as it will break glass objects and damage everything comes on his path =D. Quite strong solenoids..

The drumstick is a spare shaft from the Tamiya track and wheel kit. the other stick will probably made of plastic, but not sure yet. Another thingy is that i will put the 2 sticks more closer to each other. (a mistake i made on my other robot) So the number of objects to play on will be greater.

Will be continued..


Update 19-5-2012:

Now he has a face. its an sr04 ultrasoon sensor I bought on ebay. Another thing he now got is a bell to make music with. Its makes a nice "ting" sound. (made with an recycled car relay).

And I replaced the drumstick with an antenna also. The other stick wil be made of fiber.



On his backside I added a basekick, also a solenoid. Its a rubber cap with some "vilt" (I dont know the right english name but you put it under chair legs..) so it makes a more softer base sound instead of a"pok".this basekick was strong enough to lift the entire robot :D so I did change it somebit.

This was also the first time I used hot glue actually. and it worked pretty well :) The hot glue is used for glueing the rubber cap, to attach the bell to the battery holder, the relay, and for mounting the ultrasoon sensor onto the servo.



Update 16-7-2012:

I got the mp3 sampler off Ebay and my robot-brains arrived :)

Then I started thinking where to put the speaker.. well actually 2 speakers, also one for those clicking sounds.. ended op that 1 speaker should be mounted under the bell.. so, some thanges are made. Found 2 bottle caps where the speakers do fit in.


he also has a helmet now :D




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beautiful color :D

The YDM is a proud progenitor. :)

I believe "vilt" may be felt. It is used on pool(billiard) tables amongst other things.



tnx man!

Nice paint job and interesting track configuration. Keep us updated.