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Which Wireless Camera you Recommend?

Hello LMR!

I recently came up with the idea of making my own surveillance robot.

From what I´ve seen until now, all of them have a wireless camera built-in to allow remote control or just a view from the vehicle.

So after seeing some of you have used wireless cameras in your projects, what would you recommend?

I´ve done a little research and came up with this one (I don´t want to waste more than 30$ on one)

--  http://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Color-Camera-Complete-Package/dp/B000JCQKVM/ref=sr_1_10?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1312941815&sr=1-10

Do you know any other camera in my price range?

Quality isn´t something im very worried about.


Thanks in advance,



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I got a wireless camera off of eBay for, I think, around $28 US shipped. It works fairly well. When powered by a 9V battery it will last well over half an hour, probably more like 45 minutes, though the range does drop off when the battery gets run down. The receiver gets quite warm but it works and that's all I ever asked for! It has a mic, which is pretty much useless but the video quality is actually amazingly good for the first ~10m LOS. Vibration causes the image to go fuzzy, but gets back to normal if the bot is stopped. It has decent range, I've had it go through two solid brick walls (eight inches thick, apiece) and a wall made of drywall and the image is still good enough to safely navigate a bot.

I don't remember which eBay store I bought it from exactly, but it's very similar (dare I say exactly the same?) to these two [1] [2]. Remember to specify if you want the PAL or NTSC format camera if you do end up buying one.



2.4GHz good for line of site but walls interfear badly same for 5.8GHz low light condisions will make it hard to see might need a IR light sause or a light of some sort, i would allso recamend getting an higher gain antener to up your range ,, if your using an 2.4 GHz RC controler the 2.4GHz camera's signal will jam your RC and you may find you get unwanted movment 5.8GHz AV sender will do the same to to a 2,4GHz RC recever using a VHF or UHF RC recever may help, this is a problem i found with  my servalince bots

this is CRUNCH