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what are these thingies?

Vendor's Description: 

salvaged from CDRom players, it seems to be a sort of 2 way potentiometer.
the blue pin can move either way, and has a spring that returns it to center.

measuring Ohm from one of the outer pins to the pin beside it, or the middle pin,
it reads OL, and travels all the way down to 0.22 Ohm, over about 35 degrees
when you push it to that side.
the same thing happens when u push it to the other side, measuring the pins on the other
pushing it one way does not effect the pins on the other end.

i think this thingy was used to keep track of weather the tray was open or closed,
or something like that.

seems like one could make some interresting bumper switches with this.

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i think that's a trimpot, or a potentiometer

yeah, got one of this things too when I riped apart my DVD player ;-)

placed in the middle of a bot it could act as a bumper sensor for front side and back side.