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$60 Picaxe Oscilloscope!

I just saw this on Instructables...

How 'bout a serial (or USB) 2 channel oscilloscope for 60 bucks that uses a Picaxe 28x for it's base? Oh yeah!

--The guy even sells the PCB for $25!

Link HERE, yo!


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Over on the arduino forums there are some links to a $50/$30 (US) assembled/kit scope with LCD. I don't think it has the capabilities of the picaxe scope but it is possibly another option.


Hey all,

I think I will try this. Even if it is "only" a PC-scope.

I would like to share my experiences/frustrations with other LMR members who are going through the same process/problems. We could solve them together. I can afford $29 and two weeks of mail waiting time. The other components are probably not too expensive. And available nearer to me.

Who wants to share this project with the rest of us here? (8ik included)



Wow, this is awesome. A less expensive alternative when I finish school in a few weeks, and don't have access to their awesome lab... *sniff*
Why the hell didn't you post this yesterday befor I dropped $120 on an oscilloscope from ebay(yes, yesterday)?

I'd still rather have a separate machine, no computer needed.

A small portable device would be nice if you had a laptop to take with. Only downsides are the voltage limit, measures/sec (about 7 frames/sec), and the frequency limit (150kHz)

damn nice find there ctc!