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PLS !! pls !! plS !! I NEED HELP...

i'm new in the arduino programming,so i dont know how to write a programming code can control servo speed,time and direction.
i need a example,because i not good in english...

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1) The title is far too vague to be of any help

2) When you type in all caps, its like yelling on the internet, just remember that for next time.

3) Did you bother to even google "Arduino tutorials"? Here i'll even post a link for you:

4) You give us no information about what you're working on, other than a brief description of code that controls servo speed time and direction.

5) Don't double and triple posts in other threads.

6) Read the http://letsmakerobots.com/lmr/rules

I already posted Arduino code to control servo speed. Search for it and it will reveal itself!

open the arduino program goto    /file/ examples /servo     you will find 2 examples there

thanks !!!