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New robot shop

New shop for high quality laser cut robotic chassis - USA based, ship worldwide.


Kickoff special - 15% off to all LMR members on all robotic chassis orders. Use regular checkout (not the paypal button, you'll still be able to pay with paypal) abd enter coupon code ALABTU


"Little Tank"Electric Turtle - continuous rotation servosElectric Turtle - solarbotics motors

Electric Turtle tamiya 70097 version

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This is very nice of you.

I posted your offer on the LMR Discount page, where I hope to collect other stores offering deals to LMR members.

heh, hiding it all the way at the bottem are we :P

i guess i missed that.
oh well, that being the case you can expect some buisnes from me soon.


I agree with you on that one - it is hiding all the way at the bottom. The software is limited; it's weight based and shows all shipping options for the weight class. Kinda stupid really - it should only show the cheapest option available - maybe I can find a way to at least do a sort so the cheapest option is on top.

lol yeah or maybe i should wait till i'm fully awake before i look at these things... ;p

lol 13 euro chassis costs 16 euros to ship to holland?

i don't think so...

love the products, good prices, intl. shipping and paypal option are great,
but i don't think i will order anything unless you can offer simple flat rate shipping.

there really isn't much of an advantage to 'priority' mail for overseas, its no faster then
flat rate and a tracking number is something i can do without for a 13 euro product...

btw: you might consider setting up shop on ebay aswell, cuz the only chassis i have seen
that are similar are way more expensive, and theres not allot of them out there.
(this is counting only international sellers as i browse on the NL ebay site)

Hi - I offer flat rate shipping to all of europe. I can fit up to two chassis in an international "small" flat rate box. Flat rate shipping to Holland is 6.87euros. There are more expensive choices that show up on the shipping screen, just choose the cheapest option  available to you.


also make sure to click "apply coupon" , you can then use paypal with your discount. Any issues, please contact us via the website and we'll MAKE SURE that you get your 15% discount.