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Atom Micro Sumo


The name of this tiny robot is Atom. Atom is a micro sumo robot. Its dimensions are 5 cm x 5cm x 5 cm
It has a CNY70 sensor to detect the white path and an IR sensor to detect the objects or opponents.
It weights only 73 grams.


You can watch its video from this link





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Parallax.com’s Sumo Bot and BOE Bot use continuous rotation Parallax servos. Basic Stamp platform.

I use normal servos by hacking myself

Just some quick questions

  1. Is that a raw PIC or is it a PICAXE?
  2. Is that a 6v camera battery?
  3. Where did you get those servos?

Yes, it is a PIC16F628A, a 8 bit pic microcontroller, and also it is a 6V Toshiba camera battery. The servos are Artech AS050 servos, that I've found in a hobby shop in Türkiye.

It says PIC16F628A in the description, it's a standard 8 bit PIC microcontroller.

It weights 73 grams and now can push 180-190 grams. The weight limit for micro sumos is 100 gr. I will increase Atom's weight to 100 grams, then I think it may push about 200-210 grams. I wish I could find micro servos having more torque, but it is not so easy here.

Nice bot! How much can it push?

DC motors require motor driver circuits so the board of the robot should be made larger. This is not good for micro and nano sumos. Besides servos are very practical for controlling and dont occupy space

but, never thoght of using servos for drive motors.

Gordon MComb highly recomends its actualy.